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Roll of Emerging Technologies for an Emerging Economy

Emerging Economy

Growth wave including Bangladesh is going beyond. The last two and a half decades have been very successful. GDP has quadrupled. Poverty levels have dropped a lot. Decreased by more than half. In any case, Bangladesh has the signature of many talents everywhere.

Starting with Gartner and McKinsey, the Wall Street Investment Bank and many international organizations from the World Bank are working as one of the top economic powerhouses of this century to keep our economies healthy and our place secure.

Our natural resources are very small, our location is very small in terms of geography. The sixth-largest country in the world in terms of population, it is possible to maintain this national growth rate only by adopting a diverse array of the latest technologies. It affects our economy. Technology is always changing. Everything around is changing. In many ways, we are becoming drivers of social development. There may be arguments about the merits and demerits of technology, but technological advances must be accepted.

Emerging technologies are enriching and enriching our future. One is moving forward day by day with the contribution of technology. We have to keep pace with all the countries in the same way. Modernity is pioneering us. There is no way back. We lead by example and do not force knee-jerk reactions. The touch of technology is touching everything from our green pastures in the villages to the tall glasshouses of the city compared to the range and knowledge of technology.In any country, new technology is always used in agriculture. In the production, quality control, processing, and food industries of agricultural products, biotechnology and bioinformatics can never leave the grace of nature before.

Newly invented methods improve or increase fertile crop production. Just as it is achieved through genomics, genetic engineering, DNA sequencing, or extensive analysis. Using biotechnology and its interdisciplinary forces – bio-informatics – we are hybridizing seeds in a variety of ways to prevent drought, thus increasing sea levels manifold. As a result, the fields of salty crops are constantly undergoing revolutionary changes and due to all these, the bad weather conditions are taking extreme shape. The symptoms will worsen in the future.

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An important aspect of bio-informatics. Of particular importance is the fact that bio-informatics is widely discussed in the world. Because it helps unravel the mysteries of cellular biology and provides us with a one-legged tool about cutting-edge advances in biotechnology. The increasing level of process automation is gradually increasing production capacity. In food, many countries are now able to achieve self-sufficiency. Since the invention of robotics, its use in the agricultural industry has greatly increased food productivity. On the other hand, the use of physical labor has decreased at the same rate. Any discovery carries both good and bad sides.

For economic success, the export of goods has to be doubled. Even with it, the growth of productive work and the economic success of the nation is equally necessary. The future success of this sector will no longer depend on the labor of our huge working people. The use of modern technology should be replaced by robotic technological labor instead of human labor. As a result, much more labor can be used than before to produce much more in a short time. Even now the experiment has started. However, how this robotic technology will be successful using this machine learning algorithm and the current thinking of the current research. The challenge is to re-establish our workforce between skilled machine-assisted industrial-super-human workers or skilled robotic operators.

According to a recent report in the Wall Street Journal, this has already been used in our largest industrial segment, such as the manufacture of ready-made garments. According to Shy Hishab, the conch of the workers is also growing. So in Jaishab country many workers or labor is considered to be abundant and cheap where its use is seen less. However, the rise in labor costs has already been felt by the middle class as domestic aid expenditures have gone beyond their purchasing power.With the increasing use of machine-assisted process automation and robotic tools, there is a huge potential for IT services in the vicinity of machine learning, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), and robotic programming that everyone is beginning to realize.

The new paradigm of quantum computing hinders and aids in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Microsoft has already introduced a programming language for quantum computing. The classical computing model here is based on binary computing where there are only two states – on or off (1 or 0) – but quantum computing has a third “quantum” state or “qubit” that creates a completely new algorithm and is much faster than conventional computer systems. Can solve computer-intensive problems in motion computer, short image, big data, 3-D simulation, etc. Many more such computing models are coming.

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The government always supports such work. He supports this national initiative with appropriate funding, international research links, and national recognition, and also does all kinds of charitable activities.

Focusing on these emerging trends and providing universities with all kinds of facilities, Sharanjamadi provides support to students. Students need to take a deeper dive into this new computing paradigm and we need to collaborate with the industry to create quantum computing applications to address issues related to climate adaptation, extreme weather, and public health.

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